Sunday, April 11, 2010

This weekend has been so busy (I hate that word) that it is hard to write about. Bob went to the teacher job fairs for his first and second choice districts, had great letters of recommendation, really glowing and well deserved, got some hopeful communication from principals, but no interview yet - maybe after TAKS testing.

Ruth and I peaked into an estate sale on the corner of our street - I had known the woman only very slightly, but it shook me to walk through and see the sold sign on her sewing machine, her shoes in their boxes and clothes in the closet, glasses in the kitchen, holiday decorations I used to see in her lawn every year - all the props of an ordinary life up for sale to the next taker. It makes me feel very mortal, hence my take on the poem for today prompt about the last something.

Last Poem

Melancholy tonight,
just thinking, we never
know, which will be
your last poem, or mine.

Mostly the weekend was good - baseball games which Texas won, symphony concert with K.K., walks with Liam, work on the deck. A fun side note is that Danny went to the middle school band test day to see which instrument he matches and he is going to play the TUBA!!!!


Peggy said...

I like your Last Poem, Victoria. The estate sale sounds so sad. Such things always seem such an violation of a person's life to me--everything down to shoes up for sale right there in her house. I think I'd rather have it all taken away somewhere to be sold.

Wishing Bob luck on the teaching job hunt. If it's anything like California, pickings will be very slim this year for teaching jobs, but you never know. You do seem to have worked out your current living situation so well though. Adjustment and change seem to be the rule with your group though!

Glad you had a happy weekend. Danny and the tuba should be quite and experience!

Mary said...

Like Peggy, I like your 'last' poem too. So true. We never know when it is our last 'anything.' Good to keep in mind, I guess, to appreciate everything we do.

It must have been hard to go to the estate sale of a person you knew even a little bit. Her treasures probably went for a pittance compared to their value for her.

Hope Bob gets an interview for a place somewhere closer to home.

Diane T said...

Good luck to Bob in his search for a job closer to home!

I feel the same as Peggy and Mary...excellent "last" poem. Makes me realize how much each of us must treasure each of our pieces of writing. You just never know.