Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Posetry prompt today was "end of the line". I actually really liked the poem and memories it brought to me. I feel affectionate tonight toward my awkward, tall eleven year old self. I'm not nearly as tall proportionally as an adult woman as I was as a child. Other kids caught up in height somewhere in high school. I feel like some of my relative comfort in my body comes from having learned not to hate myself for being always tallest - some time AFTER fifth grade.

End of the Line

Second to fifth grade.
we marched to lunch
in lines, shortest first.
Second grade I glowed
proud to be last in line.
By fifth grade I hunched
embarrassed to be last.
A girl was not supposed
to be tallest, last in line.


Mary said...

I like your poem, Victoria. It strikes me as odd, however, that a teacher would march kids by height to lunch. I never would have done this.

I DO remember those awkward years too. I think my most awkward self was in 7th - 8th grade.

Diane T said...

What a unique way to look at the prompt, Victoria. I love the way you put your own personal slant on the topic at hand!

Peggy said...

Ouch! I remember being one of the tall girls too. I am glad we did not have the custom of marching in my height. Must have been difficult for the short boys as well. I came to like myself too though, and even liked being tall. Good thing as I am still relatively tall.

Victoria said...

I didn't realise that marching kids by height was an unusual custom in our generation. Though come to think of it, they only did it at that one school in Houston, not in California. They didn't line kids up that way at my girls' school either and Bob's school doesn't. It's odd the things we remember. I do like being tall now and have pretty much since fourteen or so.

Mary said...

When I taught, I used to vary the line-ups. Most often one row, then another, according to how 'ready' the kids were. Also possibly girls first today, boys first tomorrow. Or little games with children wearing this color or that.

vindhu:) said...

hi,nice onezz! keep it up.....loved it

vindhu:) said...

hi! awesome! loved it! keep it up...waiting for the nex