Saturday, April 03, 2010

Today was a great day with Bob and Liam. We walked at Town Lake and saw all kinds of boats on the water, including a new to us take on Polynesian surf boards. The rider stands on a wide board and paddles along with an oar. i think I'd like to rent one and try. it was a great joy to walk on the mild morning and plain fun to see the huge variety of dogs being walked. There was even an animal rescue station where joggers could borrow a canine jogging buddy, complete with harness. At the end of the walk we sat on a bench for about half an hour while Liam ate cheese and commented on birds, ducks (yes I know ducks are birds but in one year old speak ducks say quack and birds say tweet). Bob introduced Liam to the wonderful Pete Seeger song (at least he's the first one I heard sing it) about "I had a (animal that makes noise) and I fed my (animal that makes noise) under yonder tree) It's perfect for Liam right now because he is entranced with animal noises and quite a good imitator. Speaking of metaphoric animals, the Texas Longhorn baseball team swept rival Oklahoma this afternoon - three wins in one weekend.

On a more thoughtful Passover note, I realized that my desire to free myself from the need to be in the center and make everything work for everyone, is full of hametz - all puffed up with ego. I am really committed to letting that go - hard though.

Another Passover thought is that the only difference between sin and mitzvah (good deed) sometimes is procrastination. That is so true. The right thing isn't the right thing too late (or even too early). I plan to work on timing - also hard.

Today's poetry prompt is "partly"

Some enter cold water by parts,
toes, thighs, belly, finally face.
Not me. Not partly. Not possible.
I rest warm on the bank, fully clothed
or strip naked, breathe deep, plunge in,

Victoria Hendricks,


Mary said...

I enjoyed reading about your walk. Loved especially reading about the animal rescue station where joggers could borrow a canine. I wonder if some of these dogs were adopted later by people who jogged with them?

Liam seems to be growing sooo fast. I can picture him now immitating animal noises and enjoying the Pete Seeger song!

Glad to hear of the successes of the Texas Longhorns too. I know what a fan you are.

Lynne said...

What a treasure of a time with Bob and Liam, Victoria! Oh and I've never heard of this dog/jogger program, but I think it's great - both for dogs and the runners/walkers.
I love hearing you share about your Jewish traditions. I've learned a lot from you - in this case, I was happy I knew what hametz was even before you said "all puffed up with ego." Your thoughts about procrastination sometimes being the difference between sin and mitzvah struck me hard. A good lesson.

Bob Hendricks said...

I love the poem. Sometimes I jump in, sometimes I go little by little. Sometimes I plunge when I shouldn't, sometimes I enter slowly when a plunge would work better. Timing is tough.

Diane T said...

I agree with plunging into the water Victoria. Much easier than dealing with cold water one inch at a time lol. Great poem!