Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tired tonight. I think travel caught up with me. I have morethoughts than energy to put them into words. The poetry prompt was to write about looking ahead and/or looking back and at least I got a couple of ideas before I ran out of steam.


Look forward,
I see muself
alter with
eachstep I choss.
If I don't change
direction, I get
where I was headed.


Look ahead,
I see myself progressing.
Look back
I see myself emerging
Look within
I see my naked soul.
Head in stars
feet in the river
I receive power
beyond self,
from above,
from beow.
to accept and
change what I see
when I look
forward, back, within.


Mary said...

I like the first poem above, but I think even if you change direction you get where you are headed as well. You can always change direction. Just being devil's advocate. But really I understand what you mean..and like it.

And as for the second poem, excellent, excellent. I like the idea of acceptance..looking forward, back, and within. Wonderful message and sentiment. Oh that we all have this kind of acceptance always.

Diane T said...

Very thought provoking poems. Both of them.

Bob Hendricks said...

I love the poem on perspective. The three sources, the stars and river. Very well done!!