Thursday, April 29, 2010

The poetry prompt for today was "Suddenly..." and my response just bubbled up uncalled from what seems like another life and my most profound experience of a sudden shift.


Unexplained pain,
shortness of breath,
misdiagnosis, surgery,
biopsy, cancer diagnosis,
death sentence, tears,
telling the girls,
hope, determination,
despeate sex, terror,
radiation, chemo,
playing with the girls,
work, life, hope, meals,
increasing pain, rage,
sense of doom, despair,
hospitalization, hopelessness,

Then, suddenly peace,
mysterious peace,
before you told your
daughters goodbye,
before our last kiss,
before your last breath,
blessed, mysterious peace.


Mary said...

You have shared the process of dealing with death so explicitly here.

I think it is a powerful statement that you experienced peace even before Kerry's death.
I think this would be very hard.....for me...

But then again, as I reflect back now on the time of my dad's dying, I remember that I was at peace with the inevitable before he actually passed. And my dad seemed at peace too. I had cried many tears before.

Diane T said...

This poem takes my breath away! Powerful!

Diane T said...

Powerful accounting of a difficult time. And then peace, blessed peace. Hard to understand but a blessed happenig. Beautiful poem.

Victoria said...

Thgank you Mary and Diane. This experience of peace when I should have been crazy is one of the most powerful things that has ever happened to me.