Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy busy two days. I've been taking Liam on lots of stroller rides while his parents build our new front deck, which is going great. Yesterday we cruised by the elementary school his Mama and Auntie attended, which he will probably attend. We got there just as the kindergarten was let out. The kindergarteners looked huge compared to Liam, but also tiny. We stopped by our neighborhood park on that walk too and happened on a play group of adoptive families, moms and kids. Many were international families including one Mom with two daughters, the two year old newly arrived from China, smiling an engaging "Hi!" and then shifting into Chinese. Her speech confused Liam, who is just beginning to really understand English. I was intrigued that the group of moms included a Muslim woman in full burka and an Orthodox Jewish woman (I know because she was talking about Passover) wo covered her hair.Also, one of the moms talked about adopting from the agency with which my bith mother had the bad experience which led her to private adoption and me to my home.


Mary said...

What an interesting walk you took with Liam. How fascinating to come upon such a diverse group of adoptive mothers. I am surprised that speech of the child speaking Chinese confused Liam, as my thought is that kids of that age just kind of parallel play and talk really not too much interacting with each other, though in the same setting and chattering away. I see this kind of thing with Mya sometimes and the kids she interacts with or at least plays in the same vicinity as. I doubt it will be long at all before the two-year-old loses his Chinese. My guess would be weeks.

Peggy said...

Lots of time out with Liam it sounds like Victoria. That is one of the neat things about having a small child out and about--meeting other moms. I am looking forward to seeing a photo of the new deck!