Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter day - not my holiday but Joanna's and the children's. I love the transformational message of Easter and also the family's traditions, Easter egg hunt and Joanna's lime pie. Joanna and the children went to mass, and both Andrea and K.K. looked precious in Easter dresses. K.K. looks way too much like a young lady though. Liam and Andrea are making friends, learning to play together, to share toys (some difficulty for Andrea to share her favorite wagon in her own house, but eventually she let Liam ride back and forth between pushers for a while. Liam loved getting to see Danny's turtle, both in and out of the water. It was a good family day. I am thankful for my good family.

The poetry prompt for today is history, which is a challenge for me, harder than the other prompts.


Forty years of letters,
carefully penned in color
coordinated inks on stationary,
chosen for mood, for fun,
typed on Mama's portable typewriter
corrected with correction tape,
correction fluid, carbon copied,
blogged on the computer, saved
in flash drives, blog records.
Forty years of history of me.

Forty years of letters,
Themes are constant, attention
to detail, compulsive need to
connect, to know and be known,
joy in the every day, willingness
to admit when I am wrong, hope,
an interest in gardens, moon rises,
appreciation for those who love me,
need to be loved, fierce love,
Forty years of history of me.

Victoria Sullivan Hendricks


Mary said...

I enjoyed reading how Joanna and family celebrated Easter. Lime pie sounds wonderful; and I hope there would be some photos the girls in their Easter dresses and the boys looking handsome too.

You mentioned that the poetry today was difficult to me. One would never know this from the result and also that you have been working WITH your history in letters so much lately. The topic seems to me to FIT you, and the poem is perfect for the topic!

Diane T said...

What a well documented history of writing and communicating Victoria! Very well done!

Peggy said...

What a treasure your history will be to people in the future -- and even to you perhaps. Hugs.