Friday, April 02, 2010

Sweet sweet Friday. Because it is Good Friday Bob didn't teach and came in town midday. I also had fewer clients than usual so we had time to hang out, eat lunch at our memory lane and decisious food favorite, Trudy's near campus. We even went onto campus so Bob could get a transcript for his application for teaching positions closer to home, and it is funny how accurate the phrase "memory lane" is. I have very specific memories, fore every few square yards in the area around my old dorm, the tower, and the buildings where most of my classes were, and also the stories of the memories my parents have of campus. Bob and I talked at my office later - always a pleasant interval, walked a mild evening at McKinney Falls. Lovely day.

Poertry prompt was "Water"


Deep well,
pure water.

Fresh water.
Clear mirror.

Holy water.
Perfect truth.

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Mary said...

Glad you had a sweet day, Victoria; and nice that Bob came home midday due to it being Good Friday. Touching to read about your travels down Memory Lane.

Your water poem is stunning!