Friday, April 30, 2010

It's the last day of the poetry challenge and that feels good. I've written every day, a poem every day. I have posted some here, not all. I like some better than others. My mind has gone in directions I wouldn't have planned and I like that. The last challenge is "letting go" and that was an easy one to write.

Not Ready

I try to imagine locking my office
for the last time, giving Melissa the key,
bringing home the statues and crystals.

I try to imagine no appointments,
no emergency phone calls, no moments
when a client suddenly feels worthy.

I try to imagine myself retired,
unstructured days, No role as therapist,
no familiar structure, no new client stories.

I try to imagine retiring and I can't.
I am far from ready to let go of the most
successful role I have created for myself.


Mary said...

Well expressed, Victoria. And it is obvious you are NOT ready yet to let hand over the retire!

Ruth said...

I like your poem mom... I'm struck by the last line. Do you really think you are a more succesful professional healer than mother?

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Diane T said...

Victoria, your poem was a good one; and I definitely see that you are not yet ready to retire! You will know in your heart when you are.

Victoria said...

Ruth, I really have felt that
i've done better as a therapist than as a mother - fewer mistakes, fewer times my ego and personal needs have gotten in the way, more mindfulness, more understanding. I believe being a mother is the most important role I;ve had, and right up there with wife and friend for giving satisfaction, but not so much that I;ve done it extra well.