Friday, April 23, 2010

Sabbath quiet in the house. I need it. My work week has been challenging, lots of hard stories and great human courage and determination to change and thrive. I am getting my spring clothes out and winter clothes away, loving color TOday I wore a yellow skirt with ruffles and a green top and a gauzy yellow shawl that was a gift from Paris. Color changes are fun for me when the seasons change. Poetry challenge today was to write an exhausted poem and I just couldn't do it. Exhausted is a feeling that scares me and one I hardly ever claim - weary yes, and I am
tonight, but not exhausted. I wrote about inexaustible source of spirit energy because that is what I need to focus on.


I know some resources are finite,
oil, money, metal, can be used up,
unrenewable, gone for ever, forgotten.
I know species can become extinct,
Gene pool exhausted, last elder dead.
Energy though, I neede to believe, is
infinite, inexhaustible, available always,
constant source. I breathe in, breath out,
and strength, hope, possibility take root
in mysterious source. Spirit is inexhaustib


Mary said...

Interesting that 'exhausted' is a feeling that scares you. I think it might be an overworked word, but I still will claim the word on occasion. The body and mind knows when it is time.

I liked your take, however, on the prompt..writing about "Inexhaustible." And I hope that it is always true that spirit is inexhaustible.

Diane T said...

I like the positive message of your poem Victoria. And I am a person who DOES believe spirit is inexhaustable!

Joe Hendricks said...

Wonderful poem!
You see and hear so much pain in your work. People needing your compassion and professional guidance. You are an inspiration to me!