Saturday, August 02, 2008

Memorable Day - It's day 90 of Ruth's current pregnancy with Sprout, the day Mira died on March 11. All is still well with Sprout.

Bob and I had an end of summer dinner date at Fonda San Miquel, the restaurant at which we had a number of memorable dates, including the lunch during which we were reintroduced by our mutual friend and our rehearsal dinner (Thank you Bill and GInny!) It is as it always was, beautiful, fragrant, rich with memory, and with the best flavored intereior Mexican food I've ever eaten anywhere.


Mary said...

I continue to be happy and hopeful about Little Sprout. (I love that name.) I do wonder now if Sprout will be 'he' or 'she.'

Glad Bob & you had your dinner date at Fonda San Miquel. I assume this is the same Mexican restaurant you often write about. It is great that you have a place whose food you really enjoy that also holds so many memories over many years.

Anonymous said...