Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beach week with grandchildren has all its usual joys - these sounds and smells of salt water waves and sea breeze, dinner table conversations, just the three kids and Bob and me, sharing memories of how we've been coming here since Danny was two - before Zachary was born...remembering the first time we saw ghost crabs together, sand castles, even sunburns - so much shared. And so much is changing. Zachary has made the jump to being able to really swim - is working on an overhand crawl stroke, and wants to spend every possible minute in the "blue pool". Danny is least changed - solidly in middle childhood and a beach lover as ever, also a good beginning birder. K.K. is really growing up, amazing me by finding the broom in the hall closet at the condo and sweeping up sand I hadn't even noticed. She also is noticed and noticing the slightly older boys out at the pool - very shyly tentative, but noticing. On the other hand she wistfully wishes she were a baby and didn't have to face the stress of middle school. Watching her, I think she'll do better than most with this change. Tomorrow we go to the aquarium and Bob has his first official work day at his school. I'm wishing a good year for all of us.


Ann said...

This beach week account makes me smile and feel good all over. The three kids will never forget these moments...and so many others you and Bob give them, the nicest sort of gems and jewels.

Mary said...

I really am enjoying reading about your beach week. Such history this week has had for your family.

I can picture Zachary now really being abl to swim, Danny enjoying being a 'birder,' and KK growing up and noticing and being noticed by boys!

Enjoy these days, these years!

Anonymous said...