Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm still enjoying the excitement of the Democratic National Convention - feeling generally attached to the idea that is the United States of America - completely tearful (even though I know the makers wanted me to be) over a film by Stephen Speilburg about the military in Iraq - those who come home and those who don't. A commentator made a remark about the reasons the Democrats were focusing so much on the military and my first though, in answer was, "I'ts wartime." SOmetimes I think those of us who don't have family in the military forget.

I'm having bus adventures these days - suddenly morning buses are running late and VERY full, with people standing. I'm going to need to start leaving the house a little earlier, but that is fine. I'm glad more people are riding the buses here. The mix of people is very diverse - students, business type people all dressed up, young families, bike-muters, people who look homeless - all of us behaving courteously together. I like being part of the human soup, not isolated off in a private car. I also like being outside whether I choose to be or not - during the walks to and home from the bus stop. I'm feeling subtle changes in sun and shade, the quality of the air, and seeing color changes sweep across the sky. I miss so much of that when I spend most of my time in buildings or cars.


Ann said...

I agree with you regarding cars, Victoria. I sometimes think they're like little pods keeping us separate. I don't take public transportation often, but I have the privilege of being able to walk to complete many errands. The connection with other walkers is priceless....and so many, even those looking from their car windows think they "know" me because they recognize me. This is a nice feeling. For three years I was able to walk to and from work...this in CA where the car is god and goddess...about twice a day, average, I had people in cars shout unpleasant things at me. I never felt in danger, but I thought it was interesting that they felt able to do this because they were behind the armor of their cars, never would have thought of such if we were face to face (I don't think....) A car made them feel superior, nearly like they had a weapon. I think this is one of many reasons people are so hesitant to use their cars less, use different ways of getting around.

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