Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am in a quiet mood tonight after a long work day - good work day. I repeat on this blog how fortunate I am to have work I love. I know I repeat - and I am so thankful to have work I love.I also am really blessed in my writing group. This week, home, with more time, I am having a blast with the prompts (Thanks Belle). One was to write a poem using the word "avacado". I wrote two.

Regretted Scorn (Avacado Green)

Avacado green, harvest gold
colors of my teens, my mother's
cool, trendy - enamel fridge colors
shag carpet colors. I wince now
at my arogant young scorn
of my mother's version of cool.

Avacado Shelter

Avacado orchard behind the house
where I was five, sheltering trees
welcomed tentative climber,
secret world of shadows, shapes,
birds, opossum family, dream orchard
invited imagination, nurtured exploration.
Avacado orchard behind the house
haven of sheltering trees. Thank you.


Mary said...

Victoria, you really have been on a roll with your writing this week with your additional time. I have enjoyed your poetry.

"Avocado" was a hard prompt, but you used it well in two very different ways!

Bob Hendricks said...

I'm also glad you have work you love, and where you do so much good. You are so good with prompts. I really like "Regretted Scorn" - it's so easy to not walk in another's shoes.

SeaStar said...

Mary and Bob. I feel good that both of you appreciate my poems. I think being a California girl makes "avocado" and easier prompt for me. And Bob, I love your empathy with my eforts to reverse roles better and see through the eyes of others. Glad you liked the poem.

Anonymous said...