Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's odd at my house tonight - no children - no children all weekend. And school is about to start. I am so little involved in getting anybody ready this year - haven't even physically helped Bob in the classroom at all. It's like the start of school, which so deeply affects at least six of my closest people, is happening in another time zone or something. It's real for me, but one step removed. I hope all of my students and teachers have exactly the year they need to have - hope that for all students and teachers, actually.

This fall is so different, with Joanna not working for me and needing so much less help and Ruth and Chris busy in their own home and lives. I need to be more conscious of time. There seems to be a great deal of it, and I want to be creful to choose what I do with it, to complete projects, not just to drift.

I still feel really overwhemed about scrap booking projects - but now is surely the time. I just get more daunted by not picking it up again. I will do at least something before I go to bed tonight and three hours tomorrow. Maybe then I won't be so afraid to touch the old letters and pictures and so afraid I never will. I k now it doesn't matter on a cosmic level if our family history is in order or not, but getting it so is something I want to do, and believe I can do, if I just can stop giving in to overwhelm.


Mary said...

I am sure it is a mixed blessing with your uninvolvement with the starting of school this year. On one level it must be nice not to have to help attend to things regarding school, and on another level I hear the sadness around not being involved THIS year with the hands on of school starting.

On a school starting note, I just read in the newspaper that more and more families are having difficulty with back-to-school expenses this year; and more and more organizations (Salvation Army, Food Pantries, etc) are helping in this regard with back-to-school backpacks filled with supplies. One single mother had said with the price of gas and increase price of food, the additional school supply expense pushed her budget to the edge. I can understand this. These are hard economic times for so many.

Good luck with your scrapbooking. There are so many projects, I think, where the hardest step is just BEGINNING...and after that they flow. I hope your scrapbooking will be one of those projects.

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