Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home - Bob has gone back to Corpus for his first full school week (no kid's yet, more preparation time). Grandchildren are a their own house in their own beds, daughters busily living their own lives. Weekend house guests (what a treat to have Margie, Dave and Rob overnight and watch the Olympics with actual swimmers!) have flown back to Denver. I've checked office messages and there are phone calls to return, but no emergencies. I start a busy work week on Tuesday and am sitting at this moment in our messy kitchen wishing I had more groceries in the house, but happy to have the rest of today and all of tomorrow quiet, except for returning those phone calls and getting some groceries.

Bob's return to Corpus and work is a transition in our lives, a change point, when I return to my school year rhythm of living more alone, accomplishing more individual tasks. I miss him already and am also eager to get some scrap book work and some short story writing done. But not right yet. I want to just unwind a little, just be and breathe and sleep.


Mary said...

Hard to believe Bob is back at school already. I remember when he came home, a bit early, with his medical situation. And now he is BACK.

It is good that you are adjusted to this rhythm of enjoying so many things together during the summer, and this summer seemed especially eventful for you in that way, and then during the school year accomplishing some of your own things.

May this year be very productive for you in many ways.

Anonymous said...