Monday, August 18, 2008

I can't believe it. It's 1:47 on an August afternoon during an Austin summer where temperatures have been consistently over 100 degrees Farenheight - even 106, which is plain too hot! And right now the temperature is 73 degrees Farenheight. And it isn't supposed to get into the nineties again until Sunday and rain is in the forecast every day. I would have forgotten rain existed if I hadn't visited the Pacific northwest last month. Last week wehn Bob and I were wading out into the Gulf of Mexico, both of us noticed that the water felt cooler than usual for August (not cold but not bathtub warm either). I took that as a sign - maybe wishful thinking - that fall would come earlier and cooler this year. I hope I'm right.


Mary said...

It is interesting to compare the feelings about the season of summer with you so much further south. I do love the 80's, don't really mimd 90's either. Today, after the warmth of 80's yesterday, I feel coollldd with temperature in 70's. I think that clouds play a part too. Today is totally overcast, so outside is NOT bright at all. As for me, I hope fall comes late this year. LOL.

Anonymous said...