Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm starting to write here while I'm still on the phone with Bob. he seems to have had a great first day of school - only seventeen of his twenty one arrived (though he expects more tomorrow) and they seemed more curious and respectful than past classes. And he has a good plan and knows what he wants to achieve this year - got straight to work with them on reading and readers' response. It's fun to hear him sounding up and confident as school starts.

When Bob talks about his technology use in the classroom I feel dated. He uses Power Point on a regular basis with the kids and seems so facile with it. I'd be writing on the board or a poster board. It's amazing to me how much ordinary activities like teaching school have changed with technology. I want to see myself as someone open to change and growth, not stuck in the past, but I think I would feel daunted being expected to use Power Point on a regular basis, not just for big deal presentations. And the resisting part of me is glad I don't have to learn how to do that.

I'm aware as I write that I still have the habit of basing my feelings on what's going on with people I love rather than responding to my life directly, first person. My own day has been good. I saw the one client I see at home on Mondays, did scheduling regarding my very busy fall client rush, paid a few bills and wrote a few notes. I'm doing OK eating the right foods but have a strong impulse to eat more than I need which I don't have when I'm busy at work - much more thought about food when home alone. I wonder how people keep their weight down in retirement. I think that may be a problem for me if I ever retire. I actually went in the scrap book room and moved a few things around as I promised last night and have been back in there today to turn on the light (which at my current level of paralysis is a big deal) but still haven't started work. I think I will get three or four hours in though, now. It doesn't feel impossible, and I think that, as Mary commented, this will get easier for me after I start.


Ruth said...

I seem to be in a non-commenting phase. Sorry.

I'm so happy Bob's day went well! I hope both our guys have the great years they deserve.

The scrapbook paralysis is so easy to succumb to. I'm pretty much there myself. I almost invited you to a 12 hour crop recently (but it was the weekend Margie was in town and so it wouldn't have worked). I think I need to just get that kind of "I'm doing this now" dicipline down. (I feel bad because we haven't even taken any real sprout photos yet--I have a ton from Mira but none for Sprout!) But my friend Brynn is coming over for a "craft night" tomorrow and I'm hoping I can get moving again. I think it is all about those baby steps and just wading in. Good luck to you!

Peggy said...

I am with you on feeling daunted by keeping up with technology. I keep actually thinking that I am not THAT far behind and then of course must sometimes face the truth! I know I COULD learn all this stuff--but would I remember it? I guess we just learn what we need, huh?

I also get project paralysis quite regularly. In fact more and more I find I need to schedule a class or group to keep at some of these things -- that I actually do enjoy once I get going. Your scrap booking of your family history is a wonderful project. I used to be very good about that sort of thing but have really lost touch with it since switching to digital cameras.

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