Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's quiet in my house - cool - well over 100 outside. Bob and Danny are on their way to Corpus where Danny will attend a week of aquarium camp and I Bob will put in some work in his classroom. We've had such a good summer - talks, walks, visits with family. I miss my husband already but also am enjoying the quiet and am about to start doing some cleaning and organizing. I have projects to do and some enjoyment of having time open to do them - mostly scrapbooking and an effort to make more sensible use of my kitchen drawers - some organization of poetry too and a short story or two. Bob and I actually did start Weight Watchers yesterday and I'm hopeful. He printed out lots of recipes and I cooked five - like all of them - sent him back with plenty of healthy food. And I will have blueberries for my afternoon snack.


Mary said...

How wonderful that Danny will have aquarium camp. I know my TX grandsons would enjoy something like this too.

I hope you find Weight Watchers a good plan for you. I think it makes sense, is a life plan & not just a temporary fix.

I wish you well organizing your poetry. I loved organizing mine really, deciding on categories and then putting poems in categories. Eventualy I had categories that fit all poems, and this made me very happy!

Mary said...

You mentioned the 100 degree heat. I am thinking of you in this heat. In some ways I yearn for it. I love hot. Older daughter, however, mentioned 106 in Killeen; and that seems a bit TOO hot. I would settle for a stretch of 90 degrees plus!

Anonymous said...