Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tired tonight and hot - ready to go out for a walk in the wind. At least I caught up on email and Bob and I did some household organizing today - found some more closet floor, always a good thing, that.

I can't decide if I think Obama should offer hillary Clinton the Vice Presidency or if she should take it if he offers. I just heard on the news that they met tonight - I like them both and expect them to both be part of solutions for our country. GOt to do my part too - not quite sure what that is either.

Music study continues. Copland today, who I've always enjoyed. Today we heard a delightful clarinet work he wrote for Benny Goodman - and played by Benny Goodman! My Dad liked both Copland and Goodman. I miss you tonight, Daddy, wish I could invite you over to hear the CD.

And Peg, your comment about the laundry being not so important made me smile. I need friends like you to help me fight the overwhelm around the domestic things I'm not so good at.


Mary said...

I do hope that Obama offers the VP to Hillary.

In respose to NJMdic, I do wonder about solutions. As a concrete person, I want to hear concete and solutions Obama has in mind for various situations..including healthcare, the war in Iraq, the economy, the price of oil, etc.

Thanks to NJMedic for asking the question and to those who have answered.

Peggy said...

You should see my house now, Victoria--talk about domestic overwhelm!! I am wondering if I have to clean up for the baby-sitter (my 13-year-old niece) when we attend a wedding! Three-year-olds make it pretty useless really! I am enjoying this week of intense grandmothering though.

I am excited to follow the Obama campaign and I do wonder who he will choose as VP. I cannot really decide about Hillary now either. First I thought they would make a great team, now I am not so sure. What a time that would be to live in--the first woman VP and the first black president.

There are indeed so many issues facing the country. I think it will be a time when new solutions are needed.

Anonymous said...