Friday, June 13, 2008

I am getting new carpet in my office tomorrow - very much needed - and it was a lot of work to move all the books out of the shelves and all the stones and pretties out of the way so that the workers can move the furmoture out tomorrow morning and get the carpet in before my work day starts. I think I'll see my first couple of clients in a fairly bare office, take advantage of the empty shelves to dust and rearrange.

Bob and I saw the film Atonement tonight, skillful and faithful rendition of disturbing and thought-provoking book about the nature of truth and the amoount of harm lies can cause. Bob feels no empathy for the character who lied and it scares me a little that I do feel empathy for her - can imagine myself at thirteen being unclear about exactly what I saw and what I knew. Disturbing that one can do so much harm without intention to harm. I'm not sure I want to go to sleep so soon after that film, but morning will come early.