Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hard to believe its Wednesday and I haven't blogged here yet since Sunday. Work weeks seem to fly. I'm posting fast, midday, probably not deep.

What's on my mind?

Both of my daughters excite me with their competence in their work - proud of them. Ruth is putting together an amazing syllabus for her summer class and Joanna's department at Sears looks bright and busy - well done both of you.

Bob's coumadin level was right last week - communication difficulty with person on the phone made us believe it was way too thin. That makes me feel much safer.

Obama will be the Democratic candidate for President and I will work for him and for all of us - for change. I don't understand Hillary Clinton's behavior right now, why she has not conceded and publicly put on an Obaba T shirt. I need to read more and understand her motivations and see what happens in the next few days.

I'm excited beyond the reasonable about getting to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" tonight after work. THat's my guiltiest, silliest pleasure right now, and a pleasure it is indeed.

I wonder if I'll ever catch up with laundry - should blog short and put another load in right now.


Peggy said...

These are indeed volatile political times and I too am so eager for the Democrats to take over in Washington. I am so hopeful that McCain will not be elected. I too will work for change and for the first time in a long long time I think there might actually be a chance for real change.

And, by the way, the laundry isn't important. You can always send Bob out to buy new underwear if you get desperate!

Bob Hendricks said...

Boy, we do have amazing daughters!

And I, too, who seem to have no dance skill, greatly enjoy watching So You Think You Can Dance with you. We see talents with training, talents without training, training without talent, and a multitude of emotions, behaviors, and stories about respect, seriousness, ego, hard work, excitement, and, of course, DREAMS!

Mary said...

So nice to read about how proud you are of your daughters. So many good reasons......

Ruth said...

I love your little public love notes! You make me happy.

I'm SO glad Bob's too-thin blood scare was just a misunderstanding!

I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance too (though my favorite guy got eliminated tonight WAAAA!)--and I ignored MY laundry to watch it!

Anonymous said...