Sunday, June 22, 2008

This week has been so rich with images of power and beauty and with work accomplished, too. I woke before dawn on the day of Summer Solstice and saw the sun rise on a cloudy morning from the balcony of our San Antonio condo - then traveled to Corpus with Bob where we worked hard to organize in his classroom and apartment. We managed to go through all the old papers from last school year and get everything that needs recycling on its way to a new incarnation. Then we drove out to Padre Island National Seashore where we stood in the warm gentle gulf waves while sun set and sky paled then darkened. Fifteen black skimmers flew over our heads, along with three flocks of white birds we couldn't identify in the fading light (snowy egrets?)We sat at a picnic table and watched stars pop out in the eastern sky, few at first, then a multitude until we sat in a starry dome waiting for the moon, who eventually rose stately and striated by cloud. She rose as flaming red as the setting sun, then progressed in changing colors to orange, yellow, and finally silver white. It was midnight before we returned to the apartment, a long and rich longest day.

Yesterday, driving back to Austin under a thundery sky, Bob spotted a small coyote and made a detour to watch the young animal for as long as we could. He cooperated marvelously letting us watch him walk about and sniff for food. I thought it was appropriate for a coyote, the Native American spirit keeper for the summer season to show up for us at midsummer. Coyote is the teacher who teaches through trickery and keeps humans humble, able to laugh at ourselves and learn from our mistakes. Humility is definitely a goal of mine but please coyote, life has played enough tricks on our family lately. Please lay off.

This afternoon was a treat for me. I accompanied K.K. to her placement class at the Ballet Austin Summer Intensive, which has grown to draw young dancers from 36 states and six other countries as far away as Australia. The dancers range in age from the one ten year old (only one younger than K.K.) to eighteen. They are an impressive looking, serious, beautiful lot. It was fun for me to be among young people who are working hard at an art they love. K.K. felt intimidated at first when she walked into a room of intense fifteen and sixteen year olds stretching for their class - said she felt really little for the first time in a long time -but relaxed and stretched and danced.

Question for this entry: Ruth asked What is your greatest growing edge?

My greatest growing edge right now is staying calm and mindful (not anxious, not judgemental) but calm and present in the moment whatever is going on around me. When I'm tired and busy I find myself pulled out of this state by all kinds of little stimuli and I don't want that to keep happening. I am working on staying centered and peaceful, present, responsive appropriately to people around me, no matter what is going on.


Mary said...

Welcome home. You had a busy and varied wonderful to read about the young coyote....I wonder if Bob took pictures.

I hope KK will have a wonderful dance experience this summer! It must have been enjoyable to be with her at her placement class.

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