Friday, June 13, 2008

No new carpet yet - frustrating! The crew was running late and didn't start when they might have been too late and kept me from seeing my first client. That's probably good - but now I'm about to leave for a long weekend andall my books are out in the hall and my pretties in the secretarie's office. I hope I can get them put back before we leave town. I wish workers were more reliable.
Good day otherwise. Bob and I watched A Soldier's Story tonight, very good 1984 film about race in the US Army in World War Two. I'm surprised that film was made that long ago - seems more modern and aware of subtlties in its concept of relations within and between races. I was so caught in the film that it seemed like no time passed from beginning to end. I enjoyed seeing a very young Denzel Washington. That man surely is having a glorious career.

I'm so proud of Ruth in her new college professor role. She really seems to have hit her flow with this first class. I also am thrilled that she TALKS to me - goes over class outlines with me, asks me about nuances in her responses to student papers, respects me enough to want to spend her valuable time listening to what I think about things she knows a great deal about. Looking at the same issues from communication and psychology perspectives is exciting. I am so fortunate in my family! (I'm picking on Ruth at the moment and too sleepy to come up with an instance about each of you - but the pride and gratitude is evenly distributed.)