Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been reading blogs again and found a wonderful one where the writer promises to write a full length for real blog entry about any topic any reader asks her to write about (sequentially, not all at once!). That's exciting to me. Her blog is much better read than mine and she already has fifteen interesting requests. I left a request for an entry on finding her life's work and how she has come to know she's good at it, because that is a theme in the post in which she asks for responses. I'm excited about going back to her blog each day to read what she writes in response to the requests, which range greatly in how serious and how personal they are, and each is interesting to me.

I was so fascinated by this experiment that I also decided to copy this blogger - I am tempted to admiration through imitation. So here's your chance. Anything you want me to write about, anything you'd like to pick my brain on, just ask me in a comment on this post and I promise to respond (one per day in the order of the comments).


Mary said...

OK, I will 'bite.'

Who are your heroes? (Thinking of LIVING heroes rather than those who are deceased.)


Write about something that happened in your life that you found very personally rewarding?

Ruth said...

Cool idea-- I'll give you several since I seem to go days in between having time to write at the moment.

Question 1:

How do you feel about your birth parents? And do you have any desire to get in touch with them?

Question 2:
You are SUCH a sensual person--you raised us with so much amazing mindfulness about color, texture, season, etc.... why didn't you do more with music in our lives when I was a kid? Was it that Bob did so much of it, that technology is tricky and you don't feel "musically gifted", does music touch you less, or do you think there WAS a lot of music in our lives? (And, as a follow up, how do you think this relates to having two daughters SO touched by song? If at all?)

Question 3:
What do you think you did better as a wife to Daddy than you do for Bob? And vis versa?

Question 4: What is your biggest growing edge right now?

Question 5: What are your biggest weaknesses and strengths as a mother?

Question 6: What lessons did your daughters learn from you that you are proud of passing on?

Question 7: What lessons did your daughters reject/fail to get/etc from you (that you wish they had).

Question 8: What do you most wish you could change about yourself?

(I could ask the pride questions and the legacy questions but I feel like I've asked those before)

Question 9: What is the hardest thing in your daily life that you do anyway?

Question 10: If someone were to give you a gift a day for a month what would you want the gifts to be?

Peggy said...

Wow I think Ruth gave you enough interesting questions to carry on for a couple of weeks! I would love to see you responses to any of them! She asked some challenging ones too!
I won't add any more for now. Remind us again in a week or so!

Mary said...

Another question....Do you believe in an afterlife?

Anonymous said...