Monday, June 16, 2008

Bob and I are enjoying a wonderful break in San Antonio at our time share condo right on the river walk. It's such a restful place, all stone and windows overlooking trees and water, cavelike bedroom and deep tubs and comforters - so restful. I dropped the small middle drawer of my dresser on my right foot yesterday in my attempt to pack and it fell right on the middle toe, bruising it dramatically. I don't know if its broken, but it is less swollen today than yesterday so I'm hopeful it will heal well. When I've gone to the doctor with broken or maybe broken toes before I have been told that maybe I broke my toe and to rest ice and elevate - no different than what I'm doing anyway. I actually am enjoying the minor injury as an excuse to stay in out of the heat and read and play Scrabble. My husband is GOOD at Scrabble but I beat him this morning (Go me!). Ruth and Chris sweetly left us a brand new fancy travel Scrabble set on the bed here for Bob's Fathers' Day gift. I mentioned on the phone before meeting them for supper yesterday that I couldn;t find the old Scrabble set, and they went out and got us this one. That kind of thoughtfulness deeply touches my heart.