Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm having trouble blogging - brain fried after unusually long work days. Can't spell and line up sentences - probably better to just splash our disorganized stuff than fail to write at all. So much is happening.

The date is important. Mira died three months ago and Ruth and Chris have been married six years today. Their new pregnancy is five weeks old - the tiny heart of our new hope started beating in the last few days - too soon to hear it, just know from Ruth's research.

On the political side, I was surprised yesterday in the convenience store to overhear the talk of three young tattooed men in baseball caps. "Hillary Clinton has done her country proud." said one to his friend who replied "Yes, she'll come through for Obama." So much for my stereotypes about what people with different apparel are thinking about!

Sad and disturbing - The Texas Governor's Mansion inhabited way back to Sam Houston -burned badly over the weekend - arson. It was under restoration and I think reports indicate that it will still be restored. So much happened in that house. At least no one was hurt. Mostly I'm horrified that there are people who create intentional harm.

Saturday night Bob and I watched "The Bat", an Austinized version of the opera "Der Fliedermaus". It was hilarious once I managed to convince myself not to be embarrassed by the bawdiness and drinking jokes. It had lots of local types down to a t, the hair styles and shopping bags, the UT booster in a white suit with a sequined long horn on the back of the jacket. I wish my Daddy had lived to see this one. He would have howled with laughter - found the original hilarious and Austin was his chosen home town so the Austinization would have suited him, I think.

I don't know what to make of work. Summer is supposed to be a light time and I'm crazy busy, struggling to fit people in. I'm loving the work I'm doing and the new clients, as well as the financial benefits of a busy practice, but I feel like my mind is not quite keeping up with itself. Surely there will be a lull at some point when people take vacations. Mostly I'm pleased to be so busy, just a little frightened of being wound too tightly.

Yesterday, when he saw me for the first time after work, achary asked me "how was your day?" in a completely grown up and appropriate manner. And he listened to my answer! Great manners at six and a good model for all of us. He really added quality to my evening with his interest. Thanks Zachy (and Joanna for raising him so well).


Ruth said...

8 years! (not 6)

And I feel the same way about work (which is sad since I'm doing so much less) I feel like when I get home my brain is just rattling around a little unhinged and I do stupid things like leave the icecream on the counter for hours!

The Bat sounds cool!

And yes Zach is a delight1

Mary said...

I'm having trouble blogging too, and trouble finding time to walk, and time to do sw challenges since I returned home. Hopefully this will all settle back for ME next week. I hope it settles for you too.

I was horrified by the TX governor's mansion too. I can't imagine why someone would create devastation purposefully when there are so much natural devastation....forest fires, floods, earthquakes. I hope they find the arsonist!

Neat that Zachary asked, "How was your day?" Isaac has occasionally surprised me with that question too. Nice to see the young ones learning social skills.

Ann said...

Here's to celebrating brain fries, loving commitments, professional satisfaction and kids who are growing in spirit!

Peggy said...

I am glad you blogged even though you felt you couldn't quite think or spell or type...I know the feeling well. And you are accomplishing so much with your busy practice and family--and still finding time for a night out! Onward!

Anonymous said...