Sunday, June 01, 2008

I spent this evening in an odd setting for me - a semi-pro football game at a small field in East Austin (the part of town where more African Americans have traditionally lived and just across the street front the magnet Jr. High my girls attended, across a different street from the projects). It felt good being there with old friends and both daughters and Chris and all the grand kids. It also felt like an alien world - in a way a time machine trip back to the sixties - slower, friendly, grass field, wooden bleachers, funky scoreboard, nothing fancy - but also very integrated(would never have happened in the sixties in this town). I loved watching a very diverse flock of cute kids play on the sidelines.

This afternoon Bob and I watched From Lions to Lambswith Robert Redford and Meryl Streep - a very thought provoking film about government, journalism, and the possibility (or not) of making a difference in today's world, right now. The War in Iraq is the backdrop.

Last night Bob and I listened to music by Mendelssohn - so beautiful and yet disquieting when he created fairy music in Midsummer Night's Dream. He was only seventeen when he wrote the overture - utterly amazing how much gifted individuals can produce how young. And I continue to be blown away by the way music floods me with feeling - almost too much, but only almost. I'm thankful Bob shares classical music with me, and we will be listening to a lot this summer and learning about it. he will lead. I will follow.

I gave Bob the last Lovenax shot this morning and I'm really thankful to be done. We both did better with me giving him shots than we thought we would but it kept getting harder as bruises showed up where I'd given previous shots. his anticoagulant levels are too high, we know from a phone call from the doctor - and hopefully we'll get that settled at the appointment on Tuesday. I'm wanting him to be well and strong again and not to have special concerns about his helath - and I'm just so thankful I didn't lose him last week.