Saturday, January 20, 2007

We are cold and wet still - but wet - high thirties and low forties - not frozen. It's odd that the ice was so present - and now is so gone. Transformation of landscape by the elements for sure. I do like living somewhere where there are seasons to at least some extent. The bare trees look so different - bones against the sky - than they will in a couple of months - first in flower then in leaf. Its been a happy couple of days for me - a good visit with RuUth and Chris, and today all three grandkids. I cooked old fashioned family meals today - meat loaf, turkey with noodles and peas, muffins - and everyone wanted seconds both times. That felt good. Bob says the computer class that is keeping him in Corpus this weekend is worth taking - he's learning a lot. And I feel like I'm getting some handle on the house. I love the way Ruth rearranged the living room and the futon bunk (bought inexpensively and successfully on Craig's list) in the back room is a delight to the kids and Ruth and Chris too. For a large part of the afternoon Ruth and KK camped out on the top bunk making friendship bracelets out of embroidery thread, some of which my Grandma Anna wound patiently around papers to save it. I love the continuity of crafting through the generations. I'm nervous about taking the kids to church in the morning, mostly because Danny starts his classes for first communion preparation and I am his helper person and feel akward being a nonCatholic and also just challenged by being part of something so important in his development. The people at the church know all about our interfaith family and they are very nice to me. I'm just nervous. The sun may even shine and the temperature get into the fifties tomorrow afternoon - first time in over a week. Memory is short(mine at least). I can't pin point the last sunny day.

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