Monday, January 29, 2007

Out of touch with blogging and with myself. The last few days my mood had just been off center. Not every minute. Bob and Zachy and I walked at McKinney Falls today and ach shared his four year old view of that familiar sweet trail. We supplied the words "deer, bark, robin, woodpecker, nest" On Saturday the kids and I danced to drumming at Centra market cafe - much of the afternoon under the oaks with people from all over town - not a crowd - a real community feeling group. Bob stayed today because he couldn't come until Saturday night because of the good computer class he took. I think I'm missing him more this year, but scared of the change involve in his coming home. I wish life weren't so expensive. I wish decisions were easier.

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Ruth said...

Back to yoour ever-present cosmic AND...

It's interesting to think about Bob coming back. I'm glad you miss him. And I totally understand the scaryness of trying to make that happen.

Uncertainty is hard.

AND so much about life is so good right now. I think we are all in a period of transition. I wonder what will come out of this period for us all...

Thank you so much for all the sheltering you do protecting me from the difficulty of my own life. Know that I see all you do to make our lives easier and richer.

I love you