Sunday, January 14, 2007

Texas version of a winter storm is upon us - rain turning into freezing rain. In fact its a real winter storm by anybody's standards reaching down from Illinois. We Texans just aren't as good as dealing with it. Right now it is just rainy and 36, but the next two days, maybe three days are supposed to be sleety. It was funny in the grocery store last night - not hugelypicked over. Anything that could go into soup was gone or vaishing, all the ordinary sizes of tomato sauce, sausage, meat extremely picked over. Bob is stressing because he should be driving back to Corpus tomorrow afternoon in the worst of it to be there for his class and to start the computer class he is taking Tuesday night. So he should either leave early - this afternoon instead of tomorrow afternoon, or stay longer . He doesn't want to leave early, but I think his work ethic will get the best of him.

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