Sunday, January 21, 2007

It was sunny today and in the sixties - though cooling off fast as the sun goes down. It was strange and pleasant to be walking around coatless for the first timein weeks. Despite my anxiety about taking the kids to church this morning, all went well. The First Communion class is large (we meet in the church school's cafeteria) and seems very well structured. Danny enjoyed today's session as did I - one of the tasks being looking back over memories of family events including the baptism of the second grader in the class. Ruth and I have been sorting pictures and had recently set Danny baptism pictures aside - so thinking about that day and those pictures was easy for me. I'm always touched by how much kids (maybe people of all ages) enjoy it when people they care about remember their lives in loving detail. I guess that should be self-evident, but it feels important to remember.

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