Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today has been a more energizing day. Ruth rearranged all the furniture in the liing room - really different, everything oriented in different directions, and we got the new futon bunk set up in back. There are still piles in more places than I like, but the house is becoming managable - or at least approaching managable. I had a stupid and very painful accident today - pinched the four fingertips of my right hand in the joint of the garage door. It was awful. The concept of unbearable pain is a cliche but i was screaming and cussing and truly didn't feel like I would survive or be able to settle down. Ice helped, but then I couldn't stand the cold and started screaming about that. Time is what really helped. i am amazed that my finger tips seem to be OK, sore and a little swolen feeling, but functional for typing and even beading. I really didn't imagine I would be able to use this hand for the rest of today. Bodies can be amazingly resillient. On a more serious level regarding resillience, Paul, of whom I have been writing, is home from the hospital and was feeling well enough to go out and listen to music last night. The odds are still stacked against him, but it is just nice that he is doing better right now.

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Ruth said...

I'm so glad your fingers weren't broken. Did they ever get ugly bruisey?