Thursday, January 18, 2007

The ice is melting and its a whole new show watching and listening to that - qite amazing really - not just icickles dripping but big chunks of ice (little ones too) falling out of trees. There's about a half inch accumulation of ice on the bench in my front yard. Ice falling and breaking up is loud. I can even hear the cracks and crunches inside the house, and when I stand out on the porch its quite a percussion concert. The newest warning the news people are giving us is to be "aware of falling ice" if we are out walking - and that's a new and kind of scary one to me. I probably will go out around noon, whdn most of hte ice will probably have already fallen. I need to dress now. One last client is kindly coming to the house. After that I should be able to be mobile. I will kind of miss being in with no reason to go out - haven't felt lonely or confined at all. But life and commerce must go on.

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