Monday, January 08, 2007

Its good to have had a pretty ordinary day. Zachary played and learned on the Disney Preschool program Bob set up for him. Its really col, and exciting to watch him focus and learn new skills, computer and cognitive. The program works in exercise breaks for the kids and calls the stretches cute things like "elephant ears" and "balance beam". Zachy and I did them together and laughed which was fitting wince today was "laugh out loud day" on his program. This is a new treat, this Disney thing. Thank you Bob.

I also actually made banana cake from scratch tonightusing my mother's old hand written recipe. I'm always thinking I'm going to use old bananas that way, and I haven't been. Tonight, success! I'm about to taste it.

News wise it was an odd day - a HazNet response to a bunch of dead birds in downtown Austin (apparently neither bird flu nor toxins in the air) and a horrible smell all over Manhatten for an as yet unknown reason (also not considered a huge threat)

A good day to stay home, play with the kid and bake.

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