Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a weekend! It has been full with performances, family, and friends - really really rich. After a draining weekend, this weekend filled me up, helped me truly realise how blessed I am on so many levels, in so many ways.

Zachary and Danny were as tired as I was Friday night, maybe more tired - slept through at least thirteen hours - woke up starved. Bob came in late Friday night and I was so glad to get my arms around him, to nestle close to him, to listen to his breathing as I fell asleep. He'll be home for the summer after two more school weeks, and I am so ready! Bob is more than ready too. This may be the first time in my life I've literally been counting the days til Summer vacation. Bob is still having to be careful of his back, but it is improving.

Yesterday, when I was waking a tired K.K. for ballet class I conversationally asked her if she knew how proud I was of her and she shook her head "no." so I started telling her how proud I am of her for being such a hard worker in dance and in school, for learning to do things that are hard, practicing and practicing, not quitting, for getting up when she doesn't feel like it, not complaining, working, trying, being kind, helping out. By the time I got to that point her eyes were still shut but her lips curved up in a big smile. I asked her again if she knew how proud I was of her. This time she nodded her head "yes". And of course she got a big kiss.

We saw K.K. dance in the Young Artist's ballet program yesterday - really beautiful dancing, well learned and well choreographed. She had a Friday night and a Saturday afternoon performance and feels that both went well. Young Artists Workshops are invitational and give the young dancers a chance for extra performance practice and give dancers in the Ballet Austin Comapny a chance to try their hands at choreography. All did well. It was a delight to watch the young dancers. I'm so thankful that, since K.K. loves to dance and works so hard at it, she has a chance to study at a really good dance academy (and that scholarships start being available at her level).

Last night Bob and I attended the symphony for the first time in the new Long Center for The Performing Arts. I'm impressed with the new facility, which will house ballet, opera, symphony and traveling shows. It is right on Lady Bird lake and when you come out after the show you get a great city skyline view over the lake. Austin has grown and changed so much since I came here forth years ago. I liked old Austin and like new AUstin too. I'm amazed to think about the continuity and movement of times. Back before I was born, my mother was on the first Austin Symphony Board. she would be proud of what our shymphony and whole arts scene have become. Bob and I enjoyed the performance - Beethoven's Eighth and Ninth Symphonies. - breathtaking. Bob sang in the last movement of the Ninth Symphony when he was at Baylor years ago. He loves that symphony, and so do I - feel that it sings profoundly of the connection human to human and human to divine and the relationship between those two connections.

Today I went to a sadder event - the memorial at the hospital where Mira (unborn grand daughter) died on March 11. The hospital has a memrial service every six months for the families of those who have died "in their care" during that half year. Ruth and Chris, our two oldest friend couples, and I attended for Mira. I was touched by the comfort of really old strong friendships - touched by how thoroughly my old friends love and are loved by my daughter and her husband, surprised by my own tears for the possibility that didn't make it to fruition in Mira. I was surprised and moved that Ruth asked me to got to the front and light the memorial candle for Mira on the family's behalf - speaking her name to the room was hard and sweet - strange to speak it to others and never to see her face or call her by her name to her face. I'm glad we went to the memorial. Ruth and Chris do seem to be doing as well as they could be, and quite as ready for summer as anybody else working in the schools. Or attending them for that matter!

Between ballet and symphony Bob and I watched the film Pearl Diver and really found it good - beautiful visually and an interesting take on minority beliefs and ways (Menonite) in a modern setting. I think the theme was justice vs. mercy - and each had a case, as is usually true.


Mary said...

So much in this entry...but what struck me personally was the conversation you had with KK. It was such an important one, I think. It is a reminder to me to have the same kinds of conversations with my grandchildren. And I truly believe it is important that you told her WHY you were proud!

I also enjoyed your comments regarding the old Austin and the new Austin. Diane and I were discussing today how some people (and we know someone who is) can become stuck in the past and not recognize the way things ARE (as opposed to how things WERE) and the validity of the way things are done today. We have to live with what IS, and it is best to find the positive in the change rather than bemoaning that the 'good old days' are gone.

How wonderful that Bob and you had such a nice night at the symphony!

Peggy said...

Like Mary commented, you have so much in this entry! Sounds like you did indeed have a wonderful weekend.
I am struck with the close relationship you have nurtured with your grandchildren and daughters. That is a very special thing and not everyone can achieve this. How fortunate for all of you.
Interesting they played both the eighth and ninth symphonies together. You don't see that done all that often. So Bob must have a singing voice! I am sure that comes in handy for him in the classroom! That too is a gift.
I do enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...