Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ordinary day - (so thankful to have an ordinary day - at least one more ordinary day). Bob is watching basketball - or was until the Spurs lost in the last second on what he says was a bad call (ordinary frustration - so thankful to have ordinary frustrations) Bob's doctor's appointment this morning was utterly uneventful - all well - anticoagulant therapy being monitored. We go back next week at the same time. If Bob's back still hurts after the anticoagulant is stabilized he'll start physical therapy. All is well here. I'm tired after a busy work day, but happy. Life is full of extraordinary details even on ordinary days. HEB sells chicken in mole sauce that tastes delicious heated for just six minutes on the stove. The sky after sunset glows indigo and then the stars come out. Zachary loves being six. Precious statement the other night when I offered to carry the sleepy birthday boy to bed. "No thank you." he said, rubbing his eyes. "The birthday boy is too heavy. I will walk." and though he is not too heavy, walk he did. Bob is alive, today, right now, and so am I.


Mary said...

Glad to hear that Bob is doing well with anti-coagulant therapy! An 'uneventful' doctor's appointment is indeed good news.

You said the day was ordinary. With all you have experienced recently, 'ordinary' is definitely good.

Peggy said...

Ordinary days are indeed such treasures. It is so good to remember to enjoy them. Part of the art of living in the present I think.

Too bad about the Spurs, though Steve is was thrilled with the Lakers. He is such a basketball fan. He has been saying all along that the Spurs are a tough team to beat and that they are a team that plays fairly. Too much suspense for me. I just want to know who wins and you only have to see the last minute for that!

Take care.

Ann said...

Happy Birthday, six-year-old, Zachary. I think I like first grade because I get to recite the six-year-old poem, with apologies to AA Milne for my shakey memory:
When I was one I was just begun.
When I was two I was still brand new.
When I was three I was hardly me.
When I was four I wasn't much more.
When I was five I was hardly alive.
But now I am six and clever as clever, I just might stay six now forever and ever!

Anonymous said...