Friday, May 16, 2008

I think I'm less tired tonight, or maybe just relieved that it's Friday and the work week is over. I am excited about seeing K.K. dance tomorrow and going to the symphony tomorrow night. I am excited about having BOb home for hte weekend and soon for the summer. He says his back is much better, and that is truly good. I've missed him more this week after having had him here all week last week. Today I had an odd visual experience - While I was walking in the neighborhood near my office I was passed by a flock (at least twenty) uniformed policemen on bicycles - apparently a training group. The leaders were calling out orders that echoed down the line, musically. It was very odd to see and hear. Also, in a restaurant today I heard a woman cite a varient on my "Better real than perfect." "Better done than perfect." she said. That makes sense too.