Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Mother's Day today. The kids and I baked cookies for Joanna and they made her cards. It was fun that they have developed a tradition. Each of them, independently, incorporated the outline of their hand into the card or poster they made for their mother. Then they discussed whether it was OK for them to all have hands - and decided that it was. Then Joanna came and was delighted that they each had made a hand for her.

Bob went back to Corpus tonight. It has to be hard on him to go back with his back still hurting. I loaded the car for hi and sent food and clean clothes and just really hope all will be well. He does need to be in the classroom as the year winds down, and his back is getting stronger each day - so I'm hopeful. He promised me he will ask for help carrying things even if he doesn't think he needs it.

I keep thinking about being a mother - especially a mother of small children - in a national disaster or war zone situation - the horror of not being able to feed or protect my little ones. I am wondering if there is anything I can do on a spirtitual/energy level to effectively show empathy for mothers in circumstances like that. I am considering a sunrise to sunset fast one day a week as long as there is hunger and poverty in the world, as long as there is violence. I don't like the idea of doing something like that "just to make myself feel better" and its possible that's all it would do - but I'm not sure that there isn't some deeper connection, some ripple effect of intention. Still considering.


Peggy said...

So wonderful to hope that there indeed can be the ripple effect. If I were to do something like this I might try it for a limited time so that it doesn't lose its meaning.

Unfortunately I thihk there will always be these things as long as there is humanity--hunger, poverty, and violence. On the other hand, after reading Jeffry Sachs' book I am aware that crushing poverty in the world has been greatly reduced in the past 100 years. So there is hope.

If you do decide to do this fast, Victoria, I cheer you. The world needs more people like you.

Dixi said...

It is good to see that your thoughts of Mother's Day translated into the actions you took today!

Wonderful that the children and you have developed Mother's Day traditions. I am sure Joanna appreciated the cards & the cookies!

Hoping Bob's back continues to recuperate.

Anonymous said...