Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm shocked that over 100.000 people have been killed in a typhoon in Myramar. I understand that government secrecy in that dictatorship may prevent appropriate aid/ But what even is appropriate aid in such extreme circumstances? I can't get my mind around the devastation, even with pictures. Personal priorities are so odd. Small problems close seem big sometimes. Perspective. Perspective.

Weather - like health, like air,
I take it for granted, just there,
ambiance, background, until
blizzard, hurricain, tornado,
invisible until explosive,
supports life. Ends lives.


Peggy said...

Wow, 100,000 is the highest number of deaths for this typhoon I have yet heard. I think I first heard 100 or 400 or something. It would be like 2/3 of our city being killed. And think how many more are homeless and injured. Incredibly terrible.

Mary J. said...

I am shocked too, and also have marveled at how impossible it is for me to get my mind around such a magnitude of loss, such devastation. I hope that the government and leaders will do the right thing and let in as much help and aide as possible, even though there will always be more need than provision. I can hardly think beyond the first steps of getting food and clean water to the multitude of misplaced survivors, when that is just the (immediate) tip of the iceberg. Love your poem.

Dixi said...

What is so very sad to me is that they will not apparently allow United States aid that is all set and ready to go. I hope the dictator will change his mind. I cannot imagine how someone could be so cruel as to allow people to starve and suffer when there is so much help that is offered.

Anonymous said...