Monday, May 12, 2008

I just found out from a Wisconsin friend about a man who has made a commintment to make a big difference against poverty - I know there are many philantropists who do a great deal of good but I just learned about this one and want to share. A Wisconsin philanthropist, Joseph Zilber, is today committing to donating 50 million dollars over the next 10 years to improve life in Milwaukee's low-income neighborhoods. This man is 90 years old, and is hoping to spark at least $150 million in additional grants by others for this purpose. Talk about ripple effect - and in a concrete way. Blessings on your head, Joseph Zilber.


Dixi said...

Zilber plans to borrow many of his ideas from the New Communities Program which has been successful in Chicago.

One thing that is important is that a person such as Zilber, a successful real estate developer, has not given up on Milwaukee, despite the poverty, crime, drug-addiction, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, and fractured families.

Despite being 90 years old, Zilber continues to have the hopeful attitude so often found in the YOUNG.

When the mayor of Milwaukee (who served in Congress before becoming Milwaukee's mayor) was asked why he thinks his program will succeed when so many anti-poverty programs going back to the 1960's have done little, he had this answer:

"There's no government red tape!"

We will be following with great interest what happens next. And I thank Zilber for the love and faith he has in his hometown.

SeaStar said...

Thank you Dixi for this information about Zilber and his actions. I find it very comforting on a night when my mood is low and my belief in our ability to do enough to make enough difference shaky.

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