Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bob is in the hospital in Corpus with a blood clot in his leg - apparently from being too still for too long with the back injury. As we understand it this could have been serious untreated if a piece had broken off and gotten into his lungs - but that is very unlikely with the treatment that has already been started. I'm glad I started musing about blood clots the other night when he was talking on the phone about the pain in his leg, glad he called his doctor brother and that that brother encouraged him to go to the ER. (Thank you Bill.)
Bob is in good spirits, in no pain from the leg, just the same ache in his back which the doctor does think is just a classic muscle injury, and says they are taking good care of him. He has not gotten supper, still being in the emergency room, but was going to ask for something. We stopped talking to save his cell phone battery.

There is a very early bus to Corpus in the morning and I will be on it. Joanna would have taken me tonight and that would have been good except somebody needs to drive Bob back to Austin on Friday so he can finish recovering here. Joanna and a friend will drive down on Friday and bring us back - assuming Bob is stabilized on Friday as they believe he will be. I don't think I'll take the computer to Corpus because I won't be there long and its hard to get on line there. I do have key phone numbers, so I will call if there is bad news of any kind - which I really don't expect at this point. I should be back on line Friday night or Saturday.