Thursday, May 15, 2008

This seems to be a week of draggy posts. I am worn out after a very long and challenging work day - but satisfied I did good work and excited by the progress I see in clients' lives. Last night's storm apparently was worthy of my frightened waking - Thanks for the reassurance I wasn't being too neurotic, Ruth. I learned today that our house was just a little north of the worst damage - hail reported (and photographed) between golf ball and baseball sized, and lots of tree and windo damage and power outage. Many of my clients were affected with proken windows and power out. Tonight the sky is clear and the waxing moon bright. We're lucky that the big hail stones missed our house - and I'm especially pleased the kid's garden was spared. They are really excited with their graden plots.

I am touched with the responses to my fasting posts - my concern with disasters and hunger,poverty, violence, around the world. I feel humbled and touched that my little action inspired thinking, talking, donation, sharing of books, possible future conxcience raising efforts. Also, responses have reassured me that I am not being self indulgent in my efforts to make a difference when I am not sure how to best concreely do so. Thank you all who have responded on this thresd.


Peggy said...

Sounds like quite a storm. I have never seem even golf-ball-sized hail stones. I am sure lots of cars would be dented. And I also can't imagine baseball-sized hail flying into a window. Glad your house and garden were spared the biggest damage.

Mary said...

I am glad that your home had no damage and also that you did not lose power. One bad thing about our summer season here in WI too is the possibility of frightening / damaging storms. I know your area can get the same.

Anonymous said...