Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We've seen two films with Denzel Washington since Bob's been home recovering - American Gangsta and now The Great Debaters. They give such different faces to the issues of race and class. The first was painful to watch - so much corruption and greed, though one truly honorable character. The second i love, though it was frightening to be back in the Jim Crow South in the skins of gifted black college students. Ruth and Chris watched the movie with us tonight - so good to feed them dinner and have their energy in our house. I wish sometimes we could all live in one big house and have seperate wings but much more flowing together. And I deeply appreciate the time i do get with grown daughters. Bob continues to recover. I continue to work long hours and wish I started later in the day - but the practice is very busy right now. I am proud of the paractice my partners and I have built, of being in demand, of doing good work. And i would like to sleep in!


Mary said...

I haven't seen the movies that you watched, but I do like Denzel Washington and should make it a point to check them out.

I hope you will have an opportnity to sleep in soon.

Peggy said...

I have always loved the idea of living in an intergenerational household. The idea of a compound is very appealing and I understand how people could be drawn to one of those cultish religious groups. (Not that I would want to belong to one of them.)

You are justifiably proud of your work and the practice you have built with your partners. So rewarding I am sure.

What were the names of the films by the way?

Ann said...

I so desparately wanted to live in a commune when I was isolated as a young mom, especially when Jack was gone. That still sounds kind of nice. I understand what you're saying, Victoria.

Anonymous said...