Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bob's back is finally getting a little better. I was starting to worry yesterday, just hope for steady impromvement now. I repeat myself on this blog, talking and talking about how much I love my work because I get the chance to be part of people's growth and change. Today was one of those days when that aspect of work just glowed like a beakon, so bright, so bright. I am so blessed in my love, my work, my family. And I have a great additional treat right now, the FIRST book in a seiries by Orson Scot Card, Seventh Son. It's an alternate American history and just really hits right for me - with a strong emphasis on one of my favorite points of view "My power to do good and my power to do harm are equal. The difference is choice." Going to get in the tub with the book now. Lucky me!


Dixi said...

Glad Bob's back is getting better.

How wonderful that you enjoy your work as you do. If you love your work, I am sure you do GOOD work and clients benefit greatly.

The book that you mentioned intrigues me. I hope you will share more about it as you read more!

Ruth said...

I'm so glad Bob's back is improving. I know he must be frustrated to be stuck here in pain as his class winds down in Corpus! Let us know if you need anything (and thank you for my adorable "magic pill" card! by the way!)

I am not familiar with that Orson Scott Card book.. can I/we borrow it when you are done?

Peggy said...

Good news for Bob and his back! I have special empathy on back things these days.

I know how it is to love your work and I do hope yours continues to feel this way to you. I am quite sure from knowing you that you are very good at what you do.

I like the sound of the book you mentioned and have enjoyed his other books. I like his imagination. I am reading a totally escapist sci fi book right now on tape in the car: the latest sequel to "Dune." I really enjoy the imagination of the impossible possibles in sci fiction. I guess that is why I read it. I will take a look at this new one you mention as well.

Note: I have been trying to comment but have had lots of trouble with the site. Message saying the site is not responding. Anyway I do check your blog almost every day.

Anonymous said...