Monday, May 12, 2008

I managed my fast, but it was hard - not sure if I feel I accomplished much, though my discomfort did keep my mind on the suffering of others.


Ruth said...

I admire your passion and your action. You know I struggle with the whole concept of a "spiritual" level of existance so I'm not sure I can answer your question about larger spiritual effects. But I DO firmly believe that we must "be the change" and I see you doing that (and therefore it's clear to me that you aren't JUST doing this "for yourself" as you worry.)

Your fasting is a way of "being the change" (you want a world more sensitve and empathic and connected). And sharing your desire to take this action sends a message that does ripple out beyond just you.

Your feeling moved to do this makes the rest of us think about what we can do (and by stimulating that question in others you ARE doing something concrete to help).

It's like most political/social fasts--it's conciousness raising if nothing else. And I have to believe there is power in that.

Peggy said...

Congratualations Victoria. Like Ruth said you have made a difference just sharing this with us here on your blog. You inspired me to send a small donation to the Africa Project to help feed the AIDS orphans in South Africa. I know that is far away but at least I know with this organization the money will go to the kids. I know there are hungry children closer to me but I know this organization. ( if anyone is interested).

So, see you rippled all the way to Africa already.

Anonymous said...