Sunday, April 27, 2008

Walking on the campus of the University of California at Irvine really gave me a sense of time passing and my own aging. When I walked on that campus as a high school senior the wide circular meadow in the middle of campus had just a few saplings - really felt treeless, like a golf course. Now it is a grove of LARGE trees. I hope I have developed as much as a person as they have as trees! Time really is passing.

Also, walking on the Irvine campus, I was caught by a visual sea of red - tiny red flags stuck in a piece of earth between sidewalks. This was a visual reminder of the number of young women currently in school at Irvine who are predicted to be victims of sexual assault some time between their birth and their college graduation based on current statistics. It was chilling to see each flag as a story. Also, the statistic that one in four youg women is likely to be sexually assaulted between birth and college graduation shakes me. I want to lock K.K. in a closet (but of course that isn't living and is a way of letting the bad guys win). Last night I talked about the Irvine display at the seder and Ruth said that when she was an undergraduate participating in a Take Back the Night program the statistic was one in three regarding rape - not just general sexual assault - so unless the research bases are different there has been an improvement. Still unacceptable.


Dixi said...

Yes, it is awful to read that so many young women will be victims of sexual assault. One time I was in a book discussion group composed of women, and this subject came up; and people who had been sexually assaulted talked about it. I was sooo shocked how many HAD been sexually assaulted. It was an eye opener, something so many people really do not talk about unless there is a reason.

Bob Hendricks said...

It's kind of interesting to mark the passing of time by the growing of trees instead of numbers added or subtracted from calendars. The tree we planted when KK was born is SOOOOO big now, it is amazing! I wish I had more time trees. Well, it's not too late! I'll go find some more!

Anonymous said...