Saturday, April 05, 2008

This poetry challenge is uncanny - assignments just grabbing me by the throat. TOnight's is to write a worry poem. That's way too easy.

Rurh won't get pregnant again.
Ruth will get pregnant again
and the baby will die unborn,
or born too soon, or the baby
will be perfect, and we will
all believe we are safe and
the baby will die of SIDS in
the cradle in the sunlight
or start kindergarten and get
run over in the crosswalk
or get leukemia or get addicted
to crack or kill herself over
some silly boy. I can't do this.
Ruth will get pregnant again,
or she won't, and the sun and moon
will rise and set and I will breathe
in and out, in and out - whatever.


Ruth said...

I really like this one--again the style that works for me. And the content is real and powerful too--thanks for sharing.

Dixi said...

Victoria, your worry poem was so gut level and honest. Such real and intense worries. There really are so many things in life to worry about...but, as you said, you just have to keep breathing in and out, in and out. Some things will happen or not.