Sunday, April 27, 2008

This was a good day home - a first day home after traveling, a beginning kind of day. I loved sleeping late with Bob, grocery shopping, taking a walk - just the sweet ordinary. And Ruth and Chris made a beautiful seder for us all (with Marie and Bill sharing). I felt very loved that they shifted the date of the Passover celebration to the last day rather than one of the first two so Bob and I could participate. The food was delicious and the company and ritual renewing - body, mind, hear, soul. I felt sad that this wasn't the happy, giddy, "Ruth is pregnant and can't have any wine" Passover I was expecting. I missed the hope of Mira. And I looked at Ruth and Chris in their love and hopefulness and realized that holding onto expectations is one of the oppressions from which we celebrate freedom at Passover. This is a spring of so many unexpected changes, unwanted changes. I think the best I can do is meet each moment as it comes, and tonight that seems just fine.


Dixi said...

I am glad that Ruth and Chris shifted the date of the Passover celebration so you could take part. What a caring thing to do. I had not realized that it was the beginning of Passover at the time of the retreat until you mentioned it. I am so glad you came despite it being the time of such an important celebration.

Anonymous said...