Wednesday, April 02, 2008

second day poetry challenge - pick someone else's point of view and write from there.


They want me to read
letters, numbers, books,
But what does that matter?
I can read faces, graces,
shadows, silence, sighs.


Bob Hendricks said...

I love this poem! It so simply reflects on what is really important. It's funny -- I love science, appreciate its beauty, the power of its method, how it has helped manking. But I also love anti-science poetry, Dickinson's (I think) about seeing a flower through a mircroscope and not seeing the flower.

Dixi said...

This poem says so much in so few words. A treasure!

Ruth said...

This should be on a scrapbook page about Dan Dan (I love Bob's comment too--I don't think I'd heard the comment about the microscope before!)